Therapeutic Sports Massage




Benefits of therapeutic sports massage


Studies of the benefits of therapeutic sports massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. 

Studies have found massage may also be helpful for:​

Styles of massage technique used at A little R & R


NMT (NeuroMuscular Technique) includes Trigger point release, MFR (Myofascial release), PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) and Arthrofascial stretching.


In clinical massage, the ultimate focus is on functional outcomes rather than full relaxation achieved in most spa or beautician massages. Book in for our 75 minute massage to get the best of both worlds; precise deep tissue therapy for a specific pain with 15 minutes relaxing back and neck massage afterwards to cool off those irritated nerve endings and chill out those stress hormones.


Invest in your body, you don't get another one! 

Deep tissue therapeutic sports massage is an effective method for you to take charge of your own health and wellbeing. Massage can prevent injuries normally gained through lack of mobility or flexibility.​ 


A therapeutic sports massage should play an important role for every body. It is important to keep your muscles maintained, hydrated, toned and stretched.

Do you suffer from a long-term sports injury? 


Do you have a burning sensation between your shoulder blades? 


Are you training for a sports event?


Are you ignoring that niggle in your back?


Did you wake up this morning with a sore neck?

Our approach


A treatment at A Little R & R is an in-depth look at the body as a whole. Each new client will receive a postural analysis and body alignment analysis before any hands-on work begins.


Your therapist will discuss your particular pain in-depth and view how your muscular restrictions are affecting your movement to assess if there is a deeper reason for chronic body or joint pain e.g. muscular imbalance due to previous injury or weakness in a certain muscle group.


They will then discuss your individual treatment plan and work with you over 3 to 6 treatments to dissolve your pain so you can be back to the person you wish to be.

Myofascial pain syndrome


Soft tissue strains or injuries

Sports injuries

Temporomandibular joint pain


Digestive disorders



Insomnia related to stress


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