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Thea is amazing! I spent 2 years seeing various physios and even an orthopaedic surgeon in regards to some recurring knee pain and had no real diagnosis.

One visit to Thea and she identified the source of the pain!

6 weeks later it was almost completely gone!

—Tim Jones

Reducing Anxiety

Managing Pain

Treating Sports Injuries 

Digestive disorders 

Soft tissue strains or injuries

Relieve joint pain

Whether you need a therapeutic pregnancy massage to help release tension and manage stress or you are recovering from an injury, a therapeutic sports massage will help you.


At A Little R&R we do not just treat symptoms, we treat the whole person. When you book a consultation and massage, Thea will talk to you about all the things that are going on in your body, so as to be able to work with you as a whole person and not as a collection of isolated aches and pains!​





Pregnancy Massage

Clinical Theraputic Massage

Improved circulation

Therapeutic Pregnancy Massage

Management for headaches

Better sleep

Improved hydration and flexibility of muscles

Therapeutic sports massage

A therapeutic sports massage will help you stay on your feet and should play an important role in any sports person’s life, whether they have an injury or not.


It is easy to overlook the importance of keeping muscles maintained, hydrated, toned and stretched. A therapeutic sports massage can prevent injuries through lack of mobility or flexibility.​

Pregnancy massage

At A Little R&R we recognize that pregnancy is not an illness but a very normal and special time of life for a woman.


A therapeutic pregnancy massage will help you to manage the discomfort that comes from growing a new little human being! Come and see Thea in the peace and comfort of the Yurt in Tai Tapu and enjoy the very real benefits of therapeutic pregnancy massage.

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