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Pregnancy Massage

  We want you to be able to continue being active during your pregnancy


At A Little R&R we will support you with a pregnancy massage that will help to relieve any aches and pains that your changing body experiences.  We are able to give you a pregnancy massage through all stages of your pregnancy, taking care with the needs of your pregnant body.





Thea is an amazingly skilled practitioner who does the best deep tissue massages!  I went to see her when I was heavily pregnant and experiencing a lot of hip pain from my growing load.  I felt a big improvement even after one massage.  She's got all these amazing pregnancy specific pillows that allow you to completely relax and fall asleep drooling if you wish!  And of course you don't need to be pregnant to use her massage service.

 —Elly McGuinness: Just Organics


 We’ll ask you to get undressed down to your underwear and lie on the massage table, between the sheets. You can either choose to lie flat on your front if comfortable or lie on your side. If lying on the table isn’t comfortable for you we can massage you in the seated position or with you leaning on a large exercise ball.


After the massage, we’ll help you sit up, give you some water and a choice of edible treat and leave you to get dressed in your own time in a hazy, blissed out space. Relax, you’re in safe hands with us.  


We enhance your experience by offering Artemis Pregnancy herbal teas to take away after treatments, in reusable or recyclable glass jars.


A Pregnancy massage can help with: ​

Easing tension both muscular and emotional 

Reduced back, hip and neck aches 

Reduced anxiety symptoms which in turn helps Bub to relax

Improved circulation and can help with constipation​

Reduced oedema

Reduced headaches

Improved hydration and flexibility of muscles

Better sleep


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What to expect from a Pregnancy Massage


We use very comfortable 'body form' pillows to give the most comfort for pregnant women, lying both side-lying and face down if desired (up to around 30 weeks but depends on the bump).

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